Service and Support

As a leading established and global OEM for DAF equipment and systems, we offer a full and comprehensive range of aftersales and support to our customers. From our office in the UK we provide on-site pilot and laboratory-based testing; system design; commissioning and installation; servicing and maintenance; spare parts; and rental units, all backed up by our own dedicated manufacturing and research facility in Ferlach, Austria.

Pilot & Laboratory Testing

Our previous experience and knowledge database built up over decades, with more than 7,000 DAF units supplied means we can offer our customers real and achievable performance indicators without the need for piloting. For unique applications, we can provide both laboratory testing and/or larger pilot plants to support our sizing and performance guarantees.

Service & Refurbishment

All our service and commissioning technicians are fully trained in house to work on both KWI equipment and legacy brands such as Krofta. We are often called in to refurbish older KWI equipment that has outlived the original facility but is still in working order many decades later.

Provision of OEM Spare Parts

We like to do things to a very high standard here at KWI. We are incredibly proud to maintain a full archive of drawings and parts lists of every item of equipment delivered by KWI dating from the early 1970s.

Rental of DAF equipment

For short term requirements, we have a number of DAF units available for rental. For up to date availability please call us or email your requirements.

System and Package Design

We can design, supply, install and commission a bespoke package that can include pre-treatment, electrical control panels and software, chemical dosing, sludge handling and tertiary polishing.